Monday, May 14, 2007

Your Top Five

Ok so we're a month away just thought I'd get a little interactive here and see who everyone is excited to see this year - so leave your Top Five in the comments. Here's mine....

1 - Kings Of Leon
2 - Wilco
3 - Dr. Dog
4 - The White Stripes
5 - The Hold Steady

Who you got??


dave said...

Great post, and by the way, I'm digging your top 5. Funny, I'll be seeing The Hold Steady tonight and Kings of Leon tomorrow!!!

My list:
1. Kings of Leon
2. STS9
3. SCI
4. The National
5. Gov't Mule

just left off: The Police (I mean, I can list them as a must-see, but they're not going to overlap with anyone anyway), The Hold Steady, and Keller Williams

Some Dude said...

Yeah I almost included The Police too, but as you said there is no other option against it.

That's quite the 2 night combo. I'm seeing KOL next month in NYC about a week or so before Bonnaroo - can't wait.

J├╝rgen said...

Haven't whittled it down to a list quite yet, but Ornette Coleman's on it, STS9, Ratdog, Wolfmother, TLG....

dave said...

Saw Kings of Leon last night in Indianapolis, and they were ON FIRE! Unreal show. 20 songs, opened with Black Thumbnail, closed the set with an off-the-charts Trani, and the encore was great too (Knocked Up, Charmer, McFearless, and Slow Night So Long). I'll let you know if I post an extensive review.

Some Dude said...

I don't know if it was possible for me to be even more excited, but hearing how good the show was put it over the top. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff live. Let me know if and when you a post review I'll link over on my other blog.

dave said...

My review got posted today... Check out my blog for the link