Friday, May 25, 2007

Bonnawho's Who - Mute Math

Official Bio:

Born in the dust-laden family garage with archaic samplers, Radio Shack mics, and broken record players, Mute Math have been noisily calculating their notes for the past few years. This electro-alt rock collaboration between longtime friends Paul Meany(vocals/keys), Darren King (drums), Greg Hill (guitar), and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass) has crept up on the music scene with the onslaught of a worldwide fan-base driven to their website from countless video blogs and non-stop touring.

The four piece (originating from New Orleans) has scattered influences that are apparent without being obvious, and touch on everything from DJ shadow styled beats, moments of beauty and grandeur a la Bjork, and vocals that pay legitimate homage to Police-era Sting. When asked about this vast expanse of musical territory that we are asked to find them dwelling within, Meany replied, "I blame it on the past forty years of music". They act on the idea that their magic is to be found in the mixture of countless thoughts. Their live show thrives on this random energy too involving homemade instruments, live sampling, a junked-out keytar, and the kind of freak-outs that keep any given performance worth the price of admission.

Live On Stage:

I honestly had no idea who Mute Math were before doing this post - my first guess was it was a hip hop act, doesn't ask me how I came up with that conclusion. So I have a feeling most people aren't familiar with them either. Thanks to the now posted schedule you can catch them on Thursday at 10 at This Tent. Here they are with "Reset"....

No live shows out there for download, so here's one more song from the same performance at Exit/In....

Mute Math - "Chaos" - Exit/In

Music Videos:

It's a light day today - only have one music video for you, but I'll also throw in a behind the scenes look at the video for no extra charge. Check out "Typical"....

Making of....

As always head on over to Mute Math's official website for more info.

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