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Bonnawho's Who - Apollo Sunshine

Official Bio:

Since the release of their 2003 spinART debut album, Katonah, Apollo Sunshine has thrilled audiences. Their unique and eclectic sound - from avant-garde noise experiment to ultra-melodic pop, to rock, to punk (sometimes all within one song), combined with quite possibly one of the best live shows you will ever see (a controlled rock chaos of pedal steel, guitar, bass, double necked guitar/bass combo, two handtaped-together keyboards/samplers, percussion, drums and how the hell does he play bass with his left hand, keyboard with his right and sing lead vocal?!), have left audiences screaming, dedicated, breathless and unable to hold still!

The New York Times says " its own songs, bouncy 60's-style melodies crack wide open, breaking into outbursts of pummeling and feedback before jumping back into the tune. It's all neatly and cleverly plotted, but with a looming chaos that's anything but nostalgic."

Their debut release and live shows garnered incredible reviews nationally. Apollo Sunshine were named one of "THE bands to watch" in 2004 by Alternative Press magazine, voted "Best New Band" by the readers of the Boston Phoenix. The Boston Herald placed them #3 on the top 5 Things To Change The Face Of Boston Arts and Entertainment in 2004 (#4 was the Democratic National Convention). The New York Post called it, "Electronically twisted power pop," and Real Detroit Weekly said, "A wild bonanza of colorful rock candy."

In a further testament to their musicianship, after attending a Leon Redbone gig, they convinced Leon and his band to join them across the street for an "open mic" night. After Apollo Sunshine knocked out a few songs with Leon's band, Leon joined in. Apollo Sunshine proceeded to be the first band in over twenty years (according to Redbone's band) to jam and sing with Leon.

Hailing originally from Boston, MA, Apollo Sunshine formed as a trio while Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen and Jeremy Black were attending Berklee College of Music. After their recent string of successful shows opening for the likes of Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, The Walkmen, The Roots, The Decemberist, and My Morning Jacket, the band added guitarist Sean Aylward. With one more guitarist, Apollo Sunshine are able to further augment their already unique approach to pop music making them even more dynamic on stage - switching instruments, singing 3-part harmonies, and recreating the complex arrangements that were so carefully crafted on their debut album, Katonah.

Apollo Sunshine has also taken their act to television, appearing as the house band for Last Call With Carson Daly, and taking over Fox Morning News last winter where they performed, read the mailbag, and got the news anchor to dance to their new song "Phoney Marony."

Apollo Sunshine's dizzying tour schedule has quickly gained them a steadfast audience in nearly every city in the US. A unique "Apollo Sunshine vibe" has been emerging at these shows, transcending the usual rock show experience.

Their new self-titled album, streeting Sept. 13th, is a joint release by spinART Records and Berklee College of Music's student run record label Heavy Rotation. The album was recorded in three weeks with acclaimed producer Brian McTear.

After playing over 300 shows in support of Katonah, Apollo Sunshine is an even more well oiled machine. Their new tracks are more energetic and dynamic than anything previous. As an album, it flows wonderfully for 40 minutes, while individually, each song is a stand out.

Stylistically, the songs take their inspiration from sources as varied as Donovan and Outkast. . . and everything in between.

Just throw on tracks like "Today is the Day" and see if you can stop your knees from bouncing to the Kinks meet rock-a-billy guitar sounds. Then listen to the day-in-the-life cacophony on "Phyllis" and see if you don't just jump right out of your seat. Need a break? Sit back and check out the easy slide guitar on "Phone Sex" or the whispered harmonies on "Ghost."

Apollo Sunshine are true musicians and an American rock' n roll band. They're coming to your town to help you party down, rock you, entertain you and leave you breathless. . . and you best let them. It's a damn good time

Live On Stage:

Apollo Sunshine are another darling of the booming "post-jam" movement (have to stop using that term). They've gotten a lot of love from jamband fans recently, though Brooklyn hipsters have been on to them for a bit longer. They've been hitting the festival circuit pretty hard since last summer, here's a long clip from last year's Wicker Park Fest....

A few shows to download of thier brand of sunny-psychedelic-indie-rock (via

Apollo Sunshine - 2007-03-10 - Langerago Music Festival - Everglades Stage - Markham Park - Sunrise, FL

Apollo Sunshine - 2006-05-13 - Knitting Factory - Main Stage - New York, NY

Apollo Sunshine - 2006-05-21 - Olde Town Hall - Andover, MA

Music Videos:

DIY, low-fi, indie-rock videos seem to all the rage these days, check out this one for "Today Is The Day".....

We'll go with a two-fer since it's their only other video - here's "I Was On The Moon" off their debut Katonah....

As always head on over to their official website for more.

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