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Bonnawho's Who - Keller Williams (WMD's)

Official Bio (via All Music):

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Keller Williams is literally a one-man jam band. His fascinating live shows feature him solo on-stage with a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro looping unit, and he creates his backing loops in the moment, building and improvising as he goes on his custom-made ten-string guitar, and thanks to his equally as quirky, upbeat, and semi-surreal songs (which he frequently weaves into extended, half-improvised medleys) and his warm, friendly tenor singing voice, Williams is an utterly unique performer whose musical eccentricities don't keep him from being immediately accessible. A native of Virginia, Williams received his first guitar at the age of three, although he admits he didn't really learn to play it until he was in his early teens. He attended high school in his hometown of Fredericksburg, and began playing solo gigs when he was 17. He discovered the new age guitar genius of Michael Hedges a year or so later, and Hedges has been a lifelong influence on Williams' approach to the guitar. Following a stint at college (he attended Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach from 1988 to 1991, majoring in theater) and frequent gigs in his hometown region, he self-released a debut album, Freek, in 1994. Williams relocated to Colorado the following year, and it was there where he met the members of the progressive bluegrass band String Cheese Incident at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Williams ended up touring with the group as an opening act in 1997 and again in 1998, even filling in for a time as their bass player. A second solo album, Buzz, was released in 1996. Williams eventually signed to String Cheese Incident's label, SCI Fidelity, and released Spun in 1998. Incredibly prolific, Williams has released nearly an album a year ever since on SCI, all with one word titles. Breathe appeared in 1999, Loop in 2001, Laugh in 2002, Dance and Home in 2003, Stage in 2004, and Sight in 2005. Endlessly creative, innovative, and fun, Williams is a fascinating artist, and his somewhat wacky take on the world, coupled with his amazing and eccentric guitar talents, makes him a refreshing performer.

Here's some info on his new band the WMD's....

Keller Williams (WMD'S)

Williams, Moseley, Droll, Sipe

Keller Williams’ new album dream, which features a DREAM team of guest musicians, has inspired the usually one-man-band to hit the road with, you guessed it, a DREAM live band. Don’t miss the WMD'S – Keller Williams with Keith Moseley on bass, Gibb Droll on guitar, and Jeff Sipe on drums.

Live On Stage:

While playing with a band isn't something new to Keller (see Keller Williams Incident), this is the first time he's put together a band of his own - and a not too shabby one at that. Though where has Gibb Droll been hiding these for the last five plus years? He was a staple of the '90s jam circuit and quite the guitarists at that. They'll have a few shows under their belts before Bonnaroo and I'm definitely interested in checking them out. Here's Keller doing his solo thing though with "Freaker By The Speaker"....

And here he is doing the full band thing with String Cheese at last year's Vegoose....

Some shows for your downloading pleasure...

Keller Williams - 2007-04-22 - Iowa Memorial Union - University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Keller Williams - 2006-12-26 - 6th Annual Holiday Benefit for SPCA - Fredericksburg Fair Grounds - Fredericksburg, VA

Keller Williams Incident - 2002-06-21 - Late Night Tent -Bonnaroo Music Festival
- Manchester, TN

Music Videos:

Keller's only got one video, but in it he takes being a one-man-band to a new level - enjoy "Play This"....

For more on Keller head on over to his official website.

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Real excited for the WMDs. Should be a memorable one.