Friday, October 26, 2007

Brushfire Records Live At Bonnaroo & Vegoose

There hasn't been any real need to post anything here for awhile, though it does seem that I'm still getting a good bit of traffic, thought I'd get something up about the new Brushfire Records release Thank You And Goodnight: Brushfire Records Live At Bonnaroo And Vegoose. Here's some info on it....

On October 30th, Bonnaroo and Vegoose will release "Thank You And Goodnight: Brushfire Records Live at Bonnaroo and Vegoose" a collection of live tracks from Jack Johnson, G. Love & Special Sauce, Matt Costa, Money Mark and ALO. The album's release has been limited to Independent Music Stores in the US, at the festivals, as well as at the artist's websites.

An artist's career is born in the studio, and their reputation cemented on the stage. Over the past few years, Bonnaroo and Vegoose have become two of the world's biggest stages, and Brushfire's artists have been pleased to be part of those great line ups.

This compilation captures just a few of the great moments laid to tape in Manchester and Las Vegas. Jack Johnson contributes "Island Style" a duet with local Hawaiian star John Cruz as well as "Staple it Together" , and "Constellations" two tracks from his 2005 triple platinum LP In Between Dreams. "Constellations" features a beautiful guest appearance by Dan Lebowitz of ALO on lap steel. "G. Love and Special Sauce are featured on "Take You There" from 1997's Yeah It's That Easy, and "Hot Cookin'" from his latest (and fastest selling) LP Lemonade. Matt Costa contributes two tracks from his debut album Songs We Sing the title track and "These Arms". The album features debut performances of 2 tracks from Money Mark's Brushfire Records debut LP Brand New By Tomorrow "Summer Blue" and "Color Of Your Blues". Finally, ALO contributes "BBQ" and "Wasting Time" from their 2005 release Fly Between Falls.

This one's not featured on the album, but here's Jack Johnson with Mud Football from Bonnaroo '03.....

And here's some full performances from some of the artists featured on the cd....

Jack Johnson - 2002-06-22 - Manchester, TN

Jack Johnson - 2003-06-13 - Manchester, TN

G. Love & Special Sauce - 2003-06-15 - Which Stage - Manchester, TN

ALO - 2005-06-09 - This Tent - Manchester, TN

Jack Johnson - 2005-06-11 - Which Stage - Manchester, TN

Matt Costa - 2006-06-15 - The Other Tent - Manchester, TN

G. Love & Special Sauce - 2006-06-16 - The Other Tent - Manchester, TN