Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bonnawho's Who - Money Mark

Official Bio:

Money Mark is the most recent artist signed to Brushfire Records but he has been a long time friend of the Brushfire Family. Mark and Jack Johnson met during a late ’90s recording session helmed by notable producer Mario Caldato, Jr. (who also produced Mark’s forthcoming record Brand New By Tomorrow), with Mark subsequently playing upright piano in Jack’s band during a tour of Japan. Mark also appears on the Jack Johnson and friends dvd “Live at The Greek”.

Mark has had quite an impressive career. He has collaborated on crucial recordings with the likes of Yoko Ono, Porno For Pyros, Beck, Jack Johnson, and Blues Explosion, to name but a few. He was lynchpin of an early line-up of Jakob Dylan’s Wallflowers, and his musicality was the organic ingredient that induced the Beastie Boys’ rebirth beginning with 1992’s epochal Check Your Head. Adept at melding funk, jazz, hip-hop, folk, Afro-Cuban and Latin musics as well as brain-goggling experimentalist noise, this one-time Los Angeles Lakers ball-boy is an acknowledged master of staying in a musical pocket that’s forever changing shape. Considering his low-key heroics, it’s just desserts that a few years back Money Mark was immortalized in the form of his own collectable action figure. Among the chart-topping tracks, touring, and toys, however, Mark has also crafted out a fine solo career.

Mark’s first three solo albums (Mark’s Keyboard Repair from 1995, 1998’s Push The Button, and 2001’s Change Is Coming) were followed by a trio of rougher records (Love Stains: A Demo, Demo Or Demolition?; and Father Demo’s Square), each incorporating the word “demo” to indicate they were demonstrations of what would reach full flower later in his fourth solo album Brand New By Tomorrow.

Live On Stage:

Money Mark is probably best know for his work with the Beastie Boys - both in the studio and in their touring band - but he's also released a number of albums on his own. If you dig G. Love, Jack Johnson and the like you're going to want to circle MM's set on your schedule. Here he is in action...

IMEEM Playlist:

Here's Money Marks's latest for your listening pleasure...

Music Videos:

Got a bunch to choice from here, but since he happens to be huge in Japan (I swear, look it up) we'll go with this one....

Few more to check out...

Pick Up The Pieces

Hand In Your Head

For more on Money Mark make your way on over to his official website.

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