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Bonnawho's Who - Ladytron

Official Bio:

Four very different individuals assembled three years ago from different parts of the world under circumstances that are no longer important. They had similar views on what today and tomorrow meant to them, but what really mattered was that they wanted to make an album that cleared the skies for city kids, country kids, kids who love the sound of analog synths, and kids who don’t know what a synth is.

Light & Magic is Ladytron’s second album, the follow-up to their debut 604, an album that sneaked out of Liverpool and quietly crept up on people everywhere – from London to Los Angeles – to become one of the most critically acclaimed and influential records of recent years.

Putting firm emphasis on writing pop songs that transcend genre, from the release of their first single “He Took Her to a Movie” in early ‘99, the band existed outside fashion and against the grain. Songs about Spatial Girls, City Lines, Spanish Comedowns, Jetlag, Hotels, Fires, Cheap Models.

”...the first great electro pop record of the new millenium.” – Muzik Magazine

”...the best piece of electronic music since ‘Enjoy the Silence.’” – Felix da Housecat

Ladytron spent 2001 playing festivals, touring Europe and DJing, all the while confusing, amusing, and picking up more adjectives along the way. Eventually, the band went back home and started to pull together a bag load of Techno and the Teardrop Explodes, My Bloody Valentine and the Shangri-Las, hibernating in their studio, only emerging to DJ around Europe and the USA, generally breathing a bit of life into machines.

”...existential art terrorist chic meets Comme Des Garcons catwalk show.” – NME

As spring 2002 refused to budge, they packed their laptops and took songs from rainy England to meet California sunshine, and put the finishing touches to their northern songs in a studio on the Hollywood b-side, fenced in by palm trees, kerb-crawlers and stilletto-merchants.

Meanwhile the electro sound blossomed all the way from New York to Berlin, and 604 soundtracked the way. Ladytron have – perfectly on cue – created an album that defies the “new” genre’s many cliches. With an emphasis on songwriting and narrative, and incorporating everything from analog warmth to dreamy vocals to varied beats, Light & Magic….

Boasting directness, richness and variation is an album that outshines their debut, displaying the killer pop instinct that made 604 and songs like “Playgirl” and “He Took Her to a Movie” now-classics.

From the nag-nag-nag of “True Mathematics” to the pop extreme of “Evil” (“Papa Don’t Preach” meets The Exorcist), harsh Roland riffs collide headlong with long nights of Lee Hazlewood. Elsewhere, Joy Division solos get battered by Chicago house, but most of all Light and Magic is an album of simplicity, stories and warmth made by four people in love with classic pop.

Live On Stage:

I can't even pretend I know anything about Ladytron other then what I just looked up on Wikipedia. They play electro-pop, that's about all I got - let's take a listen....

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A plethora of videos to choose from, I dug this one for Destroy Everything You Touch...

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