Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bonnawho's Who - Superdrag

Official Bio:

Though Superdrag may be best known for their 1996 major-label debut Regretfully Yours and the hit single “Sucked Out” that helped launch the band towards international success, the follow-up Head Trip In Every Key, issued in 1998, was widely regarded as the band’s creative peak. Amidst label woes and line-up changes, namely the departures of founding members Pappas and Fisher, the band would issue their third and fourth full-lengths In The Valley Of Dying Stars and Last Call For Vitriol to universal critical accolades, and expand their hard-won fan base through incessant touring, with the help of bassist Sam Powers and guitarist Mic Harrison. Many of Superdrag’s latter-day fans have never had an opportunity to see the original line-up onstage together until their greatly anticipated reunion in 2007. Superdrag will continue touring through 2008 with a new album coming later in 2008.

Superdrag formed in 1993. The band issued 3 acclaimed 7”s and one EP, The Fabulous 8-Track Sound Of Superdrag, before the release of their first proper full-length in 1996. Changin’ Tires On The Road To Ruin, a collection of b-sides, alternate versions and rarities, was released in April 2007.

Live On Stage:

Superdrag have been around since the early 1990s, getting some pretty decent MTV play back in the day. If you dig power-pop like Weezer and Fountains of Wayne, these guys will be for you...

IMEEM Playlist:

Music Videos:

Here's their big hit from back in the mid '90s - Sucked Out....

Couple more to check out...

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For more on Superdrag head on over to their official website.

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