Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Non-Music Randomness

Best Non-Musical Moment: Seeing The Police leaving in their motorcade. Does it get anymore rock star then having 10 plus police motorcycles and cruisers zipping the band in three vans straight off the grounds? It was my Almost Famous moment.

Worst Moment To Be Wearing A Yankees Hat: Craig Finn declaring that he won't push his baseball team on anyone, but that "Let's all agree that the Yankees suck." - which was followed by an exuberant cheer and Yankees suck chat. I was the loneliest Yankees fan at Bonnaroo at that moment.

If You're Happy And Your Know It Clap Your Hand: Just about every band I saw engaged the audience to clap along to their songs.

Hip T-Shirts: Seemed everytime I turned around saw someone rocking a t-shirt from Threadless

Best Place For A Nap: The Current TV tent was definitely the place to be to grab some quick shut eye in the comfort of AC. Comfy couches and swing chairs, along with tvs and headphones made for the perfect conditions for a quality mid-day snooze.

Wrong Tent: I'm sure it's a pain in the ass trying to schedule all the bands into the various tents, but putting The White Stripes on the Which Stage wasn't the right choice. The Stripes show was probably one of the most highly attended shows of the festival, but instead of being on the main stage it was on the Which Stage. This is a band that is playing Madison Square Garden, how many other bands there claimed that honor besides Panic? They needed to be on the Main Stage.

Doh Moment: Sitting in the wrong tent waiting for Dr. Dog. For some reason we were convinced they were playing That Tent and we sat there for a good 20 minutes wondering where the rest of the crowd was. I finally figured out we where in the wrong place when I noticed no keyboard on stage. We made it over to This Tent just in time for the opening song.

Coolest Tent I Didn't Get Into: From what I heard the Somethin' Else (Blue Note's jazz tent) lived up to its billing and was an absolutely amazing place. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to make my way in there, sure wish I did though.


dave said...

Yes, the jazz tent was very cool. Truly an amazing experience. I freakin love Bonnaroo.

kmd said...

i missed the jazz tent also and i really wanted to catch it. just another great thing i missed at bonnaroo i guess... but i saw so many great things that i can't really complain. i do have to disagree with you about the white stripes being on WHICH stage. it was very crowded during the show but i think it was just right. i think i love the WHICH stage because it is the only outdoor stage that has some tree shade. plus i can usually see well from anywhere at WHICH. its not a massive field and that feels better. the white stripes were really great by the way. good job with this blog!

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